Insect Wire Netting

Also named wire netting against mosquito. Insect wire netting is mainly used on windows and doors to against insects. Also it is used for industrial purposes, sieves, filters and others. "Mingzuan" brand galv. iron wire netting is well known as its good quality, fine weaving, beautiful surface, especially for the blue finish color.

Assortments available:

Galv. iron wire netting
Enameled iron wire netting
Plastic netting and nylon netting
Glassfiber netting
Painted iron wire netting
Stainless steel wire netting
Aluminum alloy wire netting

Specification of Insect Wire Netting

Metal wire netting against mosquito, galvanized and green  painted

SP(Wire No. BWG) (mesh/inch) SP(Wire No. BWG) (mesh/inch)
14meshx14meshX32#X1mX25m 20meshx20meshX32#X1mX25m
14meshx14meshX32#X3'X100' 22meshx22meshX32#X1mX25m
14meshx14meshX32#X4'X100' 24meshx24meshX32#X1mX25m
16meshx16meshX32#X1mX25m 25meshx25meshX32#X1mX25m
16meshx16meshX32#X4'X100' 26meshx26meshX32#X1mX25m
18meshx18meshX32#X1mX25m 26meshx26meshX32#X1mX25m
18meshx18meshX32#X4'X100' Note: Width of 0.6m-1.5m available
Al-Mg alloy wire netting against mosquito, white & painted
Specification(Wire No BWG)  (mesh/inch)
Note: Width of 0.6m-1.5m available


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