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Chain Link Fence Machine

Raw Material: Low carbon black wire
Feature: High speed, Automatic weaving
Capability: 60-120m2/h


Chain Link Fence Machine is also known as diamond mesh machine called active network Chain link fence machinemachinery. Chain Link Fence Machine is a kind of weaved nets of Chain Link Fence Machine, Chain Link Fence Machine less demanding on the wire, the thickness can be, chain link fence machine mesh width adjustable, Chain Link Fence Machine producing nets with mesh uniform, smooth surface, nice, easy corrosion, long life, weaving simple, beautiful and practical features.

Chain link fence machine parameter:

Materials Low carbon black wire, Galvanized wire, Pvc coated wire
Wire diameter 1.8-4.0mm
Width of weaving fencing 1-4m
Hole size 30-100mm
Power 7.5KW
Weight 3500kg
Nos of feeding wire 2
Output Capability 60-120m2/h
Overall dimension 6600 x 1430 x 1600mm

Chain link fence machine Features:

   -- Fully- Automatic
   -- Wire feeding numbers: double wires
   -- High speed
   -- Safe reliable, energy conservation
   -- Pneumatic/ air compressor
   -- Automatic weaving
   -- Automatic locking edge
   -- Automatic rolling
   -- PLC, only one person can control the machine
   -- Easy to control with high efficience