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Decorative Wire Mesh

Material: SS wire,aluminum wire,copper wire
Feature: Variety of colors,durability
Application: Curtain, decorative screens, sprunt roof


Decorative wire mesh , a kind of woven metal wire mesh fabrics, is also known as multi barrette when used as decorative wire mesh. Decorative wire mesh is made of super quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper or other alloy materials.

Decorative wire mesh is offered in a variety of wire diameters, styles and mesh openings. It is constructed of wires that are woven into a variety of unique patterns. This wire mesh can be used for many applications. 

Main products: Steel wire mesh,Metal fabric,Architectural wire mesh, Screen wire mesh,Chain wire mesh,Crimped wire mesh and Metal curtain.

Material: excellent stainless steel,aluminum alloy,phosphor copper or galvanized steel with nickel chrome finish.

Characters: Incombustibility, firmness, easy to maintenance, functionality, vivid decorative effect and it can also protect the structure of the building.

Color: silver, black, copper, yellowish, dark yellow, copper, brass, dark brass, purple, bronze, gray, etc. 

Usage: Products are widely used as curtain,decorative screens,sprunt roof,stairs and elevator in service hall,hotel,office,supermarket and dance hall,and so on.

We have set up a whole production process,including weaving, polishing, electroplating, bleaching,spray finishing,and with continuous innovation,confident to meet customers’ various demand and make them satisfied.