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Perforated Metal

Material: Black wire, galvanized wire...
Feature: Smooth, bright, environmental protection
Application: Weaving, binding, floral ligation


Perforated metal mesh information: Perforated metal usually used galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper steel, aluminum steel, nickel steel and alloy steel as material. We have advanced CNC equipment, our products made by model. Our products have the advantage of high precision, small error and good quality. The punch diameter from 0.3mm to 100mm, and made thickness equal diameter, namely the thickness 0.5mm can punch diameter 0.5mm.

Perforated Mesh Hole Patterns including: Rectangular, square, diamond, round, hexagonal, triangular,  cross, plum, star shaped, irregular holes.

Perforated Metal Materials: stainless steel wire, iron plate, copper plate, aluminum plate.

Perforated Metal Mesh Characteristics: Easily process. There are a variety selection of plate thickness, pore size and arrangement.
Beautiful appearance, our products through painting or polishing have the advantage of abrasion resistance and long service life. 
Uniform mesh and smooth surface.
Low cost, easy to install.

Surface: Spray, polishing, oxidation treatment, galvanized, etc.


Noise sound-absorbing panels; indoor and outdoor wall decoration, The ceiling of the building; 

Decorative plate staircase, balcony, environmental protection and chairs; 

Machinery and equipment protection cover, speaker net cover;

Kitchen with stainless steel fruit basket, cover food, fruit and other kitchen utensils;

Shopping malls with shelf net, decoration exhibition platform;

Also widely used in chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food machinery, handicrafts, filtration equipment, and other industries.


(1)Cold rolled steel sheet

Length:1m-20m .
Hole Diameter:0.8mm-10mm.


Hole Diameter:0.8mm-100mm.

The specification only for reference, it can be done according to the requests of the customers.