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Stainless Steel Wire

Material: High quality stainless steel wire
Feature: Wear-resistant, high intensity
Application: Steel wire rope, filter material, handicrafts


Stainless steel wire three types:

Stainless steel soft  wire [ known as hydrogen retreat wire ] : bright surface , soft , non-magnetic , anti-fatigue, elongation and other characteristics.

Stainless steel lightly drawn wire: Bright surface, soft, anti-fatigue, there is a certain elongation characteristics.

Stainless steel cold drawn wire, smooth surface, good toughness, wear resistance

Stainless steel wire diameter: 0.03 - 5.0mm

Material: 301, 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 310, 310S, 321 , etc.

Features of different stainless steel wire:

Stainless Steel Wire enjoys many featues, such as wear-resistant, high intensity, small Stretch ability; because the fine wire, oil and ink is easy to pass; Mechanical and chemical Properties of wire mesh is stably, also the dimension definition is stably.

Stainless steel wire is used in a number of industries including wire-drawing, weaving of wire mesh, soft pipe, beam of cabinet, steel wire rope, filter material and equipment, spring, making of handicrafts, etc.