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Wedge Wire Screen

Material: Alloy metal screens
Feature: Longer Lasting, rugged construction 
Application: Can filter sand better.


Wedge wire screen is made from surface profiles and support profiles, profile wire is usually triangle wire, support wire can be triangle wire, round wire, flat wire, wedge wire.

Material: Wedge wire screen is supplied in stainless steel and other special steel metals and alloy metal screens

Wedge Wire Screen Types:

Panel shape wedge wire screen;

Cylinder shape wedge wire;

Wedge wire grids;

Wedge wire screen sieves.

Applications of wedge wire screen
Liquid / Solids Separation Sizing, Straining and Filtering Collection Retention
Solids removal from process wastewater
Lake and riverwater intake screens
Fiber removal
Screen cylinders for rotary screens
Recovering solids
Pulp thickening
Heavy media recovery
Product dewatering
Sieve Bend Screen surfaces
In-line strainers to minimize the lose of media
Resin Traps used as an effluent strainer
Sizing of solids
Pressure screens
Filtering particles from treated fluid
Strainers for pump or compressor protection
Support grids for uniform fluid collection in media filter
Hub lateral screen systems
Header lateral screen systems
Collection of treated liquid in treatment vessels
Filter nozzles for tube sheets
Upflow Clarifiers
Gravity filter underdrain systems
Retaining media and collecting the treated liquid
Carbon retention screens in carbon-in-pulp tanks
Flooring for germination, malt kiln, grain drying rooms
Catalyst retention in catalytic reactors
Fish protection / diversion screens

Each Wedge Wire screen product is custom designed to suit the specific requirements of the customer and to enable a relatively low cost and high performance solution for the screening application.