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Barbed Wire Machine

Raw Material:Galvanized iron wire
Feature: Safe and reliable in operation
Application: Used in protecting of  railway, highway


Barbed Wire Machine Description:

Barbed wire machine is designed to produce barbed wire with souble strands and single strand. The machine is of horizontal design, consisting of two parts, assembled together at the middle. It is safe and reliable in operation, capable of turning out high quality products with consistency.

Raw material 
   Galvanized iron wire,  PVC coated wire

Usage of finished products Barbed WIre
    Barbed wire is mainly used in protecting of  railway,highway , grass boundary ,national defense ,airport,orchard invarious patterns

Barbed WIre Machine types
  Double strands Barbed WIre Machine
  Single Strand Barbed Wire Machine

Barbed wire machine technical datas:

Double Strands Barbed Wire Machine

Diameter of wire (mm)1.6-2.6mm
Barbs pitch spacing3", 4", 5", 6"
Total Weight1600kgs
Power3KW 380V/50HZ
AccessoryBarbed wire making part
Barbed wire rolling part

Single Strand Barbed Wire Machine

Types CS-B
Diameter of wire (mm) 2.5-3mm
Barbs pitch spacing 3", 4", 5", 6"
Capability 1000kgs/8hour
Total Weight 1600kgs
Power 3KW 380V/50HZ
Accessory Barbed wire making part
Barbed wire rolling part